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What Is A Doula?


What Is A Doula?

Being a birth partner is a big job for one person so my role as a doula is to provide continuous emotional and physical support for Mum and  her birth partner throughout labour and birth.

I can offer help & suggestions for comfort measures including breathing, relaxation, movement, and positioning.  My presence allows a birth partner to support mum at their own comfort level and to be able to take breaks they need while knowing mum is never alone.

My personal experience has convinced me that doulas in New Zealand complement the care of our brilliant midwives & I began my training with BirthWorks International.

I support you and how you want to birth without speaking for you, making decisions for you or projecting my own opinions or values on to you.  This allows the partnership between you and your LMC to flourish.  You can call me as early in labour as you like & I will be at your side until your baby is in your arms and everyone is comfortable.

You can find out more about what I do here: What is a doula?  


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