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It is important to remember that yeast is throughout our bodies, but maintaining a balance between the yeast and the healthy bacteria is essential.

Common signs of thrush:  

  • Sharp stabbing pains in the breast – this can happen while feeding or after
  • Shiny nipple/ areola area
  • Flaky nipple / areola area
  • Baby – white patches in its mouth on tongue or gums
  • Nappy rash may be simply red or red with raised dots

Note – most babies have a milk coated tongue this is not a sign of thrush unless the white patches spread to gums or cheeks.


  • After feeding wash nipples with clean water - no soap
  • Sunlight kills yeast, exposing your nipples to sunlight for several minutes, several times a day
  • Dry bras in sunlight
  • Wash bras in very hot water & change daily. Change breast pads after each feed
  • Garlic, Garlic, Garlic! Use it in your cooking and or take garlic supplemen
  • Wash nipples with solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 250mls of water. Warning it may sting if skin is broken.
  • Probiotics – my favourite is Metagenics – they are practitioner only so available at chiropractors, natropaths etc. not available at health food shops. Take 6 x dose for 4 days, then decrease to 3x dose for 5 days then double dose for 7 days.
  • Limit sugar in your diet. No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Limit fruit and complex carbohydrates like bread for one week.
  • Yoghurt – acidophilus yogurt with no added sugar, eat plenty of this as it contains good bacteria.


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