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The Long And The Fast Of It


The Long And The Fast Of It - Saskia's Birth

Baby Saskia was born in January after a labour that started off long and slow but finished pretty quickly.  Almost two weeks before I actually had her my contractions started as crampy sensations that would come and go.  To start with they were more intense in the evening but mostly seemed to fade away during the day.  I remembered from our workshop that this was normal and that it was best to stay distracted and just let my body work at its own pace.  I was excited and a bit nervous and wondered when everything would finally kick off properly.

After 12 days of these niggly little cramps they started to get stronger and they were coming closer together.  Within maybe five hours I was needing to concentrate through each one and I’m not going to lie – they were very intense!  Some of them totally took my breath away.  I had my mum and my partner with me thank goodness because they really helped me stay focused and mostly calm.

We called our midwife who came over to our house to check me.  She did a vaginal exam and discovered I was already 7cms dilated and we decided to head off to the hospital.  The car trip was awful and I felt like my partner wasn’t driving fast enough though I do remember telling him to slow down quite a bit too!

We had only been in the hospital maybe an hour when I felt this huge pressure and I needed to push.  I’d mostly been standing in the shower and swaying my hips.  The movement and the warm water felt amazing.  When I needed to push I got on the bed.  My midwife put the back of the bed up and I knelt while leaning over the back of the bed.
My partner said I was making some pretty interesting noises.  Guess it was those primal sounds that we talked about in the workshop!  I just remember feeling as though I was completely taken over by this sense of power.  It was intense!!  I don’t think it really hurt as such but it was strong and took my whole focus.  It’s a bit hard to describe.

I pushed for just on 30 minutes before Saskia emerged into the world.  That was the most incredible moment of my life.  What a rush!  All done with just water to help us through.  No drugs – whoop! She is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me – to us – and we are so in love.

Julie x


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