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Re-usable Nappy pack - Rainbow Zig Zag


Product Description

One pack will give you a nappy cover and one organic bamboo covered insert.

Less bulky, easy to wash and dry. Longer lasting quality with a generous size range to custom fit any size child. 

No nasty chemicals touching your babies skin all day

Nappy details:

The inner layer is lined with a soft polyester fleece which wicks moisture away from your babies skin to keep their bottom dry longer. (Stays good quality and does not wear out)

The outer layer is lined with a breathable, strong quality waterproof PUL material.

The Insert- Soft organic bamboo outside layers with microfiber inside for an ultra absorbent and soft, comfortable combination. This combination stops the insert from getting bobbly and stained and is softer on the hands. 
You can choose whether you want to place the insert inside the nappy pocket for ultra absorbency or outside the pocket during potty training. Keeping the inserts inside the pocket will enable the polyester lining to wick moisture away from babies bottom and onto the inserts. You can add more than one insert inside the pocket. *nappy pack comes with one insert but these can be purchased separately.

One size fits all- Our nappies are designed to fit newborns from approx 3 kg right up to potty trained approx 20 kg
This means you buy your bulk lot of nappies and that is all that is needed right through till up to 5 years old.
Some one size fits all nappies are very restricted to small toddlers. You can rest assured that our nappies have a generous amount of room and snap lock options to fit any toddler small or large We have made sure of this.

Snap locks: They have 3 rows of snap locks for adjusting the rise of the nappy and making it snug around your baby's leg to prevent leaks. There is one row of snap locks at the top for adjusting the tummy/waist width.

For small babies approx 0-6 months, you fasten the top row of snaps to the bottom row of snaps to make it snug.

As they grow bigger you can fasten the top row of snaps to the middle row to create some more room.

When they are bigger toddlers you can leave all these snaps undone and just adjust the waste line snaps as needed.

How many nappies will you need? If using full time:

Newborn to 4 months- 20-30 nappies
Infant (4 to 10 months) — 20-25 nappies
Toddler (over 10 months on wards) — 15-20 nappies
The older your baby is, the dryer they are for longer.

Extra benefits to using our Cloth Nappy:

  • No need to soak (Rinse only if soiled, unless you use a washable liner)
  • No stains. No need for nappy san
  • Do not hold smell
  • Can be washed together with your normal everyday laundry
  • Less bulky so drys faster
  • Long lasting material and snaplocks which do not collect fluff like velcro does or wear out. 

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