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Informed Decision Making


Informed Decision Making

The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights states that you have the right to information including asking any questions to help you to be fully informed and that it is up to you to decide the level of health service you do or do not receive. (Rights 6 and 7 in the Code). So how do you make an informed choice or reach an informed decision?


To be able to make your decision to consent or decline health services you need to have all the information available. This information needs to be up to date information, with all the possible options explained and possible outcomes explored.

B Benefits
R Risks
A Alternatives
I Intuition
N Nothing / Not Now
S Second opinion




  1.  Is this an emergency or do we have time to talk?
  2. What would be the benefits of doing this?
  3. What would be the risks?
  4. If we do this, what other procedures or treatments might we end up needing as a result?
  5. What else could we try first or instead?
  6. What would happen if we waited an hour or two before doing this?
  7. What would happen if we did not do it at all?


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