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If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!


If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!

The planned hospital birth of Baby Maddison

A few weeks before I was due to give birth I read everything I could to prepare myself for what childbirth might be like- the truth is, nothing I read or watched could have prepared me. I won’t sugar coat it, the pain is something I will never be able to describe, however having a supportive partner, family and an amazing midwife meant that I managed to have a natural birth using only gas - and I’m tiny!

Having a plan helps, but my best advice was to go with the flow and just focus on getting through each contraction. I ended up needing to have my waters broken which I was scared about- but I didn’t feel a thing except warm water! Most of my labour was in the pool which was really nice. I ended up moving to the bed as I needed a catheter to empty my bladder, so I gave birth on the bed.

My midwife was amazing; encouraging and confident. I was afraid that being so small would mean I would have trouble but everything went really smoothly.

To be honest I didn’t remember or utilize anything I had read- I just focused on each contraction and listened to my midwife. I gave birth to a 7lb 10oz baby girl, Maddison. Some people had described the process as magical - I feel it was more like running a marathon, but it is true what they say- the pain disappears when you have that little babe in your arms looking up at you. Three months down the track I can say I would do it again!  

I would say the most valuable thing is having an experienced midwife that you trust, and that listens to what you want. I truly believe now that if I can do it, anyone can!



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