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An Unplanned Home Birth


The Beautiful Unplanned Home Birth of Baby Pearce

Our boy was born at home in the shower... caught by his dad!

Early labour was really slow and lasted a couple of days. On the Tuesday I started getting a few signs and feelings that something was happening, but I down played it and tried to ignore it for as long as possible because being my first baby I was aware that labour could take a while and didn't want to get my hopes up that our baby was finally arriving.

The plan was to labour mostly at home and then transfer to Warkworth Birthing Centre for a water birth and after care. Things started heating up on Thursday evening with contractions coming every 5 mins. My partner and I were chilling at home... watching TV on mute and he was massaging me in-between contractions.
We called the midwife who arrived at 11pm, observed one contraction and physically assessed me. I was 3cm dilated and she said to get some rest. We still had a way to go and thought that baby would be born sometime after lunch the following day. After she left things progressed rather quickly! 

Russ and I went to bed and I tried to rest and breathe in between contractions that were quickly becoming more intense. After a few hours of what I know now was established labour (and Russ sleeping the whole time!) I asked him to please call the midwife again because I wanted to go to Warkworth and get in the pool for some much needed watery pain relief!

She said she would come around again to make sure it was the right time to go. I jumped in the shower to wait for her but almost immediately felt my body start to bear down on the baby! I felt down and the baby's furry little head had started to emerge! I didn't actively push at all but my body took over and  I had no control over what was happening. I was aware I was making some pretty primal groans too. All involuntary.

I was alone the whole time as Russ was outside waiting for the midwife. After 20 minutes I yelled out and Russ came running. The baby's head was out and Russ ran to catch him as I was still standing in the shower! He caught the baby, born at 3.50am and the midwife arrived 5 mins later. Just amazing!

A totally unplanned natural labour and birth. We were all well, but it took some time to recover from the shock! The baby was (is) beautiful and the experience was life changing!  Just incredible. It was so awesome to experience birth without intervention and to fully understand first hand how amazing our bodies are :)
I think I will plan for a home-water birth the next time - in a pool not a shower! 
Love, Emma, Russell and Pearce. 


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