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About Us


About Us

Sarah-Jane Holton is your Child Birth Educator.

Sarah-Jane is committed to providing quality antenatal education to parents-to-be. As the mum of four sons (preschooler to teenager), and having worked alongside parents in a number of roles, she understands what it means to be informed and feel empowered in the decision making processes surrounding pregnancy, labour and the parenting years. She believes education and preparation are essential in reaching your goal of a positive birth experience.

Sarah-Jane is a certified CBE and completed her studies in 2008.  She attends a number of conferences and education days each year to ensure she is up-to-date with what's happening in the maternity world. She contracts to Parents Centre and MAMA Maternity, is a La Leche League leader, and is also a consumer reviewer for the Midwifery Standards Review process.


Positive Feedback

"I really enjoyed the father's chat and the stuff around decision making.  Fantastic course and we are now ready for baby." - David, Auckland

"Great facilitator!  I feel so much more confident with the upcoming labour." - Karen, Auckland

"Extremely useful course.  I loved how Sarah-Jane was open to any question and never made me feel stupid. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel as prepared as I can be for the journey ahead!" - Melissa, Auckland

"Oh my gosh!  I did a 6-week course before this one and can't tell you how much more I got from the Intuitive Birth workshop. I loved that everything was relevant and there wasn't a bunch of time spent on things that felt like filling in time.  I will be highly recommending this course to all my pregnant friends and colleagues.  Thank you so much! P.S. totally loved the Rebozo and massage session." - Suze, Albany

"I'm probably pretty typical of other guys out there in saying I was a very reluctant attendee but am happy to report I was pleasantly surprised.  The quality of information was top-notch, it was professional and useful.  I have to say I particularly enjoyed the men's session at the pub.  There was beer, there was food, and there was also a male facilitator (sorry SJ - no reflection on you being a woman of course).  It was great to hear from a guys perspective, and not the horror stories but how we as partners can help on the big day and afterwards.  Thanks." - Bryce, Auckland

"I highly recommend this course.  As a second time mum coming along with my partner who hasn't had a baby I did wonder how I'd find it.  It was such a refresher for me.  I didn't realise how much I'd forgotten between babies.  I felt really positive after the course and met some lovely ladies too.  Thanks SJ." - Annie, Auckland

"One word; awesome." - Trent, Auckland

"I started a course with one of the other providers but I was too tired to keep going back... so I signed up for this one and it was great to be able to do it over one weekend.  And thanks for supplying lunch and morning tea too.  It felt like we were really looked after." - Jo, Auckland

"Thanks SJ.  I enjoyed the course.  There were solid practical tips and I appreciated how unbiased the info was." - Adam, Auckland

"Antenatal at the pub.  Who wouldn't enjoy that?  Great session." - Thom, Auckland

"I've done an antenatal course before with my first baby.  This one was way better.  I was pretty relieved not to have to do any of that role-playing stuff and other uncomfortable games that made up the course I did first time round." - Phoebe, Auckland

"The [Mama Cafe] was so nice.  Thanks for creating such an open environment where it was true that no question was a silly question.  The affirmation cards and colouring stuff was a nice touch.  I look forward to when I'm in labour and breaking out my colouring pencils and the picture I chose." - Jen, Auckland


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