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A Tale of Two Caesars


A Tale of Two Caesars

An elective caesarean and an emergency caesarean

I've had two babies, both ended up being delivered by C-section. Our first was an elective C-section because our baby was breech and her growth was not as good as we would have liked. The second was an emergency C-section after nothing else worked.

It was a calmer experience with our first. We knew the date and time that we would finally get to meet our little one. I had never been into hospital before so this was my first theatre experience. I was surprised by the number of people who were in theatre with us, but everyone was very friendly and supportive.

The second experience was a lot different. After being in labour for days, it turned out that our baby was a bit stuck so we were rushed down to theatre where I was just so thankful for the spinal block I just couldn't stop saying thank you. The rest was a bit of a blur as I was exhausted from my previous efforts but I felt safe in the hands of all the doctors and nurses.

Having a C-section reminded me a bit like being on a roller coaster. I wasn't expecting that much movement (even though I couldn't feel a thing). I guess it depends on how much work the doctors have to do to get the baby out.  I don't remember much of the recovery room other than it was my first chance to touch and feed our brand new baby.

With our first, we were lucky enough to get into Warkworth Birthing Centre for the five days following. The midwives up there are wonderful! And my rather painful recovery was spent in the best place possible. 

With a C-section, its important to remember that even if you're feeling good without any twinges of pain, you're still healing from major surgery. Don't do too much too soon. Take advantage of online supermarket shopping and definitely say yes to any help offered by friends and family.

Good luck to any and all future mums and dads.

Frances (and Matilda and Timothy) xo


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